On this site You`ll find all the restaurants and cafés
in the municipality of Brändö.
As a general rule the restaurants/cafés are open from midday until early evening in summertime (june-august).

Trixies Shop/Café is open all year long.

Many restaurants have dihes with locally produced meat, fish, vegetables and bread.

All of the listed restaurants have a facebook page where you can check menus and opening hours.


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Café Kvarnen, island of Jurmo...harbour and shop

Open during of the year on demand (Oscar is an exeptional chef) .Dishes with local fish and Highland cattle

22950 Jurmo, manager Marianne Karlström +358 45 759 580 777,  chef Oscar Lindhólm , phone. +358 40 844 5641


Restaurant Galeasen, island of Lappo , harbour and shop...

À la carte with meat and fish dishes, visit homepage for menu
22840 Lappo
phone +358 (0)50 598 27 09


Hotel and Restaurant Gullvivan , harbour

À la carte with meat and fish dishes.
Restaurant/hotel is open all year long on demand
22920 Brändö
Eva Nordlund
phone +358 (0)18 56350, (0)40 5371 777
fax. +358 (0)18 56330
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Trixie Shop/Café         !!! Year round open" check facebook

Lunch all year long, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. 15.6 - 20.8: monday-friday 11-18, saturday-sunday 12 - 18, 21.8 onwards mon-fri 11-14 , sat-sun 12-18,
Gamla hälsogården
22920 Brändö
Elsie-May Forsman
phone +358 (0)18 56343, (0)457 3749643




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