Municipality of Brändö

Community council

AX-22940 ÅVA


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Here is a description of the most convenient ways to Brändö. Mostly the names of the locations are in Swedish and you´ll find the Finnish equivalents in parenthesis, i.e. the same location has two different names.


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Timetables for ferries, connecting boats and busses can be found from the following links:

-Ferries in the Province of Aland, Ålandstrafiken
-Sundqvist Buss (traffic at mainland Aland)
-Ferries (yellow / mainroad extensions)Ferries (yellow / mainroad extensions) at the Finnish mainland
-Connecting boats (white-blue; Finn Ferries) from the Finnish mainland. For example; Houtskär to Brändö/Torsholma look for Näsby - Torsholma

The Åland so called ring-way/archipelago trail, more about the ferries and how to get around please follow the link

Telephone numbers concerning public transportation in Brändö (schedule in swedish kollektivtrafiken)) ..during summer schoolholidays 7-days a week of the year every day expect saturday.....and Gustafs(Kustavi) municipalities. Connections to&from Turku during summer .

* In Brändömunicipality Billy Sandberg/iNSULA Taxi from 16.07.2021, +358 40 848 1982
* In Gustavs (Kustavi): Kustavi taxi / Teemu Väisänen+ 358 (0)405876106

If You want to use public transport in Brändö municipality (see schedues above) you have to book the day before...every day expect Brändö ( Brändö taxi) its free and on the mainland/Kustavi...Osnäs-Kivimaa  (taxi Väisänen) 4-5 € /person) friday (morning direction Turku and afternoon/evening back to Brändö and sunday afternoon/evening only direction Turku..

From the Finnish mainland (Turku / Åbo etc.)

By car
Take highway 8 from Åbo/Turku towards Pori and turn right (on a roadsign stays KUSTAVI 59) in Raisio towards Kustavi on road 192. During the following 70 kms you´ll pass, among others, Mynämäki and Taivassalo. As a rule of thumb, the journey from Taivassalo to Kustavi takes about 20 minutes. In Kustavi, also known as Kivimaa, you´ll drive through the centre and down to the ferry-boat harbour, which is less than a kilometer from the centre. The ferry-boat, by schedule, ride between Kustavi/ Kivimaa and Vartsala / Osnäs takes about 7 minutes (during summerseason there can be ques, so arrive in time!). Then drive the 7 km through Vartsala to Osnäs (Vuosnainen) ferry harbour where M/S Viggen departs to Brändö municipality / Åva, according to its timetable (3-5 tours per day). The whole trip from Åbo/Turku to Osnäs should take around 1,5 hours. Remember that there is a small ferry before Osnäs/Vartsala that is operated by schedule so You have to be at least half an hour before M/S Viggens departure at the small ferry (from Kivimaa to Vartsala) 7 minutes journey over the straight. In the summertime, with ques, an hour before.

If your point of departure is Helsinki or Tampere you´ll approch Raisio along the Turku by-pass road. Turn right just before you cross Åbo/Turku - Raisio highway (this turningpoint is very close to Raisio city centre) and follow the driving instructions above. The Helsinki – Osnäs journey is a good 3,5 hours when driving non-stop.

When drivning from Vaasa (Vasa) or Pori (Björneborg) just turn right at Laitila and then continue through Uusikaupunki (Nystad) to Taivassalo (Töfsala). When reaching the centre of Taivassalo (Töfsala) take a right turn towards Kustavi and just follow the instructions above.

By bus and by public transport
Look at coach company Taivassalon Auto Oy. Off-season the bustrip can be combined by booking public transportation (Kustavin taxi, Teemu Väisänen phone +358 (0)40 5876106 ). This comibnation works only fridays and sundays... Friday: bus leaving Turku busstation at 16.30 to the ferry Viggens departure 19.00. Return on sunday with ferry Viggen leaving 16.40 from Åva/Brändö and arriving in Turku about 19.30.

It´s possible to use public transportation (Laitala-Petterssons and Åberg´s taxis) in Brändö, whenever you wish (book in advance) – this enables you to reach a variety of the ferry departures in time.

From mainland Aland (Mariehamn etc.)

By car
Drive north from Mariehamn towards Godby and Vårdö. After Bomarsund (the road takes you through the fortress area) you´ll drive through Prästö island to the ferry-boat that takes you to Vårdö. When passing the church in Vårdö turn right, and after 3 kms you´ll arrive to Hummelvik from where the ferry M/S Alfågeln takes you via Enklinge and Kumlinge to Brändö (in this municipality the first stop is at Lappo island where there´s an alternative connecting ferry to Asterholma and Torsholma). The distance between Mariehamn and Vårdö is about 45 kms and takes around an hour and a quarter.

Remember that there is a small ferry (ca 5 minutes) from main Åland to Vårdö island (were the ferry Alfågeln departures for Brändö and the Archipelago) that is operated by schedule over Prästösund/ at least half an hour before at the small ferry. So if Alfågeln departures from Hummelvik at 12.00 You have to be latest at 11.30 by the small ferry.

When driving from Eckerö (i.e. arriving from Grisslehamn in Sweden) , just drive straight across Aland, via Emkarby.

By bus and by public transport
The bus from Mariehamn busstation to Vårdö / Hummelvik operates a least a couple of times a day in both directions. In Brändö you may use public transportation (Taxi Brändö, Eija Laitala-Pettersson) which enables you to reach various ferrydepartures in time. Remember to book in advance, the day before , latest at 21.00 !

There is yet no straight bus-connection from from Eckerö to Vårdö / Hummelvik.
The closest airports are in Mariehamn and Åbo/Turku.