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PRESENTATION of the Municipality of Brändö

Situated in the utmost northeastern corner of the Province of Åland, the municipality of Brändö lies, outspread like a bunch of fresh seaweed, in the middle of Skärgårdshavet (in english approx. the Archipelago Sea). With an estimate of approximately 90 % of bays, creeks and straits, it has the most extensive surface of all the regions in the province.

Brändö is close by and yet far out ! It´s located only 2 hours by car from Åbo (Turku), the city of recreation, shopping and its´ famous theatre. For those gazing even further you´ll find (the city of) Helsinki, next to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, only 4 hours away.

When travelling westwards the locals may visit their cousins in the city of Mariehamn or their relative, aunt Agda, in Södertälje(, Sweden). Mariehamn is only about 3,5 hours away with a combination of the ferry M/S Alfågeln and by car – the city is considered the main region on the Åland Islands, where e.g. the authorities are situated.

Voyaging is in the heart ! A hundred years ago the locals of Brändö sailed the Baltic Sea with the help of their own keels. However, today, it´s ordinary to use keels manufactured by others when criss-crossing the oceans around the world. A good 70 years ago there were many ”cat-and-mouse” games in the waters around Brändö. Smuggling of alcoholic liquors was common and prosperity flourished. Even today the sea has the predominant role as the strongest element in this region consisting of water and yet water… while the inhabitants still enjoy the pleasure of a delightful life. There are lots of islets, cliffs and skerries to explore and enjoy – at least two per resident, which adds to over 1200 islands of various sizes. Choose your favourites from low-lying, richly wooded or leafy islands in the more central waters or maybe you prefer some of the more barren skerries and islets further out in the open seas.

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Egil Mattsson, Director of the municipality of Brändö. phone +358 (0)18 56500 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you wish information about year round living in the municipality of Brändö or in the Province of Åland we recommend a visit to the official website for immigration at - .AND if You are interested of living in the Åland archipelago WELCOME

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